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August 2012

I am so excited that our Fringe Festival Program Digital Archive is now in place. This have been something I have wanted to get in place for a few years now, and through the long hard work of our office manager Gerald Osborn scanning every page and the good folks at Bottom Line Productions putting it all in order, we are now able to offer searchable programs of every Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival.

The history of every organization is so important and our Festival programs are a real celebration of the thousands of people who, over 30 years, have made this Festival into something we are all very proud of. You will notice that some of the early programs have scribbles in them; they were from the time long before computers, when everything was literally cut and paste.

What fun! Enjoy.

Julian Mayne
Past Executive Director
Fringe Theatre Adventures

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1982 | A Fringe Theatre Event

Download [6.1 MB]

1983 | Return of the Fringe

Download [13.1 MB]

1984 | The Fringe Strikes Again!

Download [12.3 MB]

1985 | Home on the Fringe

Download [15.5 MB]

1986 | Fringe: The Fifth

Download [36.6 MB]

1987 | Gone With the Fringe

Download [29.7 MB]

1988 | Fringe Daze

Download [26.4 MB]

1989 | Born to Fringe

Download [26.8 MB]

1990 | The Fringe That Roared

Download [36.5 MB]

1991 | X Marks the Fringe

Download [37.6 MB]

1992 | The Fringe Also Rises

Download [37.3 MB]

1993 | REX the WonderFringe

Download [28.8 MB]

1990 | The Fringe That Roared

Download [30.1 MB]